Class 11 Physics Model Paper 3 MCQs Test

FBISE Federal Board Class 11 Physics Model Paper 3 MCQs Test. Do as much practice as you can so that you get good marks in the final exams.

Class 11 Physics Model Paper 3 MCQs Test


Class 11 Physics
Model Paper 3
Practice MCQs Test

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A person first displaces 10 units towards the North. After the second displacement, he is 7 units towards North. His 2nd displacement was:

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The formation of clouds in the atmosphere is due to the _______ process.

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For a projectile, if g = 10ms-2 the ratio of maximum height reached to square of flight time will be:

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When the speed of your car doubles, by what factor does its kinetic energy increase?

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When a force is applied on a body, which one of the following physical quantities will NOT change?

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1° is equal to:

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Signal from a remote control to the device operated by it travels with the speed of:

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If the length of the second pendulum is L, then the length of the pendulum having a period of 1s will be:

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The percentage error in the measurement of mass and speed are 2% and 3% respectively. How much will be the maximum percentage error in the estimation of K.E obtained?

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The value of g at a height equal to the radius of earth from its surface is given as:

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What is the product of \( (\hat{i}\times\hat{j}).\hat{k} \) equal to:

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A sound source is moving towards the stationary listener with \( \frac{1}{10^{th}} \) of the speed of sound. The ratio of apparent to real frequency is:

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A stretched string 4m long and it has 4 loops of stationary waves, then the wavelength is:

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The lift of an aeroplane is based on the principle of _____.

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K.E of a body is increased by 300%. What is the percentage increase in momentum?

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Light of wavelength λ is incident normally on a diffraction grating for which the split spacing is equal to 3λ. What is the sine of the angle [sin(θ)] between the second-order maximum and the normal?

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Which one of the following factors does not change during resonance?

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