Class 11 Chemistry 2022 HA MCQs Test

FBISE Federal Board Class 11 Chemistry 2022 HA MCQs Test. Do as much practice as you can so that you get good marks in the final exams.

Class 11 Chemistry MCQs Tests

Class 11 Chemistry 2022 HA MCQs Test


Class 11 Chemistry
Past Paper 2022 Hard Areas
Practice MCQs Test

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A solution of HCl having pH=4 will be:

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According to Graham's law which one has highest rate of diffusion? (M. Wt, S=32, O=16, H=1)

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Kc=0.04 at 723K for following reaction
PCl5(g) ⇌ PCl3(g) + Cl2(g)
Kp of the reaction will be:
where (R=0.082 atm dm3 mol-1 K-1)

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In lead storage battery electrolyte is:

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In a mixture containing 44g each of CO2, SO2, SO3 and Cl2 gases, which of the following will have highest partial pressure according to Dalton's Law? (where molar masses CO2=44, SO2=64, SO3=80, Cl2=71)

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Identify the species with maximum bond angle:

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Which of the following is NOT a state function?

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Magnesium reacts with Sulphur to produce MgS. How many grams of MgS can be made from 24g of Mg with excess of Sulphur by the reaction Mg + S → MgS (M.Wt, Mg=24, S=32)

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If frequency of Photon is 4×1015 Hz, then its energy will be: (h=6.626×10-34Js)

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According to Le-chatelier's Principle, in an exothermic reaction, what should be done to temperature of system to obtain maximum product at equilibrium?

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Total number of Sigma and Pi bonds in Ethyne CH≡CH are:

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Which of the following will contain lowest vapor pressure at 50°C?

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Which of the following Concentration Units does NOT depends on Temperature?

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According to Moseley's law, when metals having large atomic number will be used as an anode then it will produce X-rays of:

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Electric current can pass through graphite in one direction but not through other direction of crystal, such a property is called:

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Which one is conductor but not malleable?

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No. of atoms of oxygen present in 500g of KClO3 is (M.Wt, K=39, Cl=35.5, O=16):

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