FBISE Solved Past Papers

Welcome to the Federal Board FBISE Solved Past Papers page. We have solved past papers of FBISE for helping the students in securing good marks in the board exam.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the students of the Federal Board, Islamabad, and provide them solved FBISE past papers.

In the first stage, we are working on MCQs Tests because every exam has 20% Multiple Choice Questions. Many students don’t give importance to MCQs and lose easy marks. Our website (FBISE Solved Past Papers) will provide the students, a platform where they will be able to prepare for their exams by practicing different MCQs tests again and again.

MCQs Tests

About 400+ MCQs Tests are available on the website with over 5000 MCQs of class 9 and 10. Just start doing practice and prepare yourself for FBISE MCQs Exam.

Past Papers

All the past papers are available. Work on FBISE solved past papers is also in progress. You will get your required solved past papers very soon. Just stay tuned.

Class 9 Notes

Our class 9 notes are not copied from any other website. Our team is working very hard for making the best notes for you from your textbooks and other study materials.

Class 10 Notes

Notes are available for students. Our teachers know the importance of the availability of valid and standard notes. That is the main reason we are taking time to publish our notes.

Importance of Solved Past Papers

Nowadays, Federal board solved past papers have a great deal of importance for students because they provide a clear picture of paper patterns and at the same time students get the idea of important topics and questions. By solving all the past papers a student becomes confident because he/she then knows a lot about his/her forthcoming paper. No confusion is left about the paper pattern and a student feels so much comfortable in the exam.

More Valuable for Weak Students

It is considered a good practice that a student should do all the past papers’ questions first. A weak student may pass the exam by doing these papers. On the other hand, intelligent students can get the maximum advantage of these papers. Our main goal of providing federal board solved past papers is to help weak students so that they may be able to pass the exam. Just ask your son/daughter to start learning from solved past papers.


What type of educational material is available at FBISE Solved Past Papers? Do you have solved past papers only?

Our website has a lot more than past papers. Although, the main aim of the website is to provide FBISE Solved Past Papers but we also provide Practice MCQs Tests and Class Notes for class 9 and 10.

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Should we learn all the FBISE Past Papers Solved?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you should prepare all the past papers because all the past papers’ questions are the most important. You should also look for similar types of questions in the chapters’ exercises because they are also important in the forthcoming exams.

Can we rely on Past Papers only?

No, it is not recommended to rely on past papers only if you want to get good marks. However, you can rely on them if you want to just pass the exams. FBISE does not repeat questions too frequently, so it is not advisable to depend on FBISE past papers only.

How to use Solved FBISE Past Papers?

To use these past papers, you should download these papers and take the print out of these papers. After that, you should study them carefully and start learning the questions and highlighting them so that you can get the idea of how many papers you have done and how much is left.

Is this official FBISE Website?

No, this is not an official FBISE website. We are a group of teachers, teaching different FBISE subjects from last 20-25 years. Our goal is to help out the FBISE students and to reduce their dependence on tuition academies.

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