9 Class Physics Book Federal Board NBF

9 Class Physics Book Federal Board NBF

This post contains 9 Class Physics Book Federal Board NBF in English Medium. Federal Board has recently changed the Physics 9th Class book from Punjab Textbook Board to National Book Foundation. This book contains almost the same topics and chapters with some variations.

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9 Class Physics Book Federal Board


9th Physics Chapters Names

The new Physics book contains the following 9 chapters:
Chapter 1 – Physical-Quantities-and-Measurements
Chapter 2 – Kinematics
Chapter 3 – Dynamics
Chapter 4 – Turning-Effects-of-Forces
Chapter 5 – Gravitation
Chapter 6 – Work-and-Energy
Chapter 7 – Properties-of-Matter
Chapter 8 – Thermal-Properties-of-Matter
Chapter 9 – Transfer-of-Heat

All these chapters have the same topics and names just like the Punjab Textbook Board SSC part 1 Physics Book. But the content is little bit different keeping the main concepts same. Since Federal Board has started the SLO based examination system therefore students can study from either book to prepare the SLO based topics.

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