Class 9 Physics Chapter 9 SLO Based Notes

Federal Board, Islamabad recently started taking exams from SLO based syllabus. We have prepared Class 9 Physics Chapter 9 SLO Based Notes to facilitate the students for better preparation of examinations.

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Class 9 Physics Chapter 9 SLO Based Notes

Class 9 Physics Chapter 9 SLOs

The students learning objectives for chapter 9 are given below. After studying this chapter students will be able to:

• recall that thermal energy is transferred from a region of higher temperature to a
region of lower temperature.

• describe in terms of molecules and electrons , how heat transfer occurs in solids.

• state the factors affecting the transfer of heat through solid conductors and hence,
define the term “Thermal Conductivity”.

• solve problems based on thermal conductivity of solid conductors.

• write examples of good and bad conductors of heat and describe their uses.

• explain the convection currents in fluids due to difference in density.

• state some examples of heat transfer by convection in everyday life.

• explain insulation reduces energy transfer by conduction.

• describe the process of radiation from all objects.

• explain that energy transfer of a body by radiation does not require a material
medium and rate of energy transfer is affected by:
o Colour and texture of the surface
o Surface temperature
o Surface area

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