Class 9 Physics Chapter 1 SLO Based Notes

Federal Board, Islamabad recently started taking exams from SLO based syllabus. We have prepared Class 9 Physics Chapter 1 SLO Based Notes to facilitate the students for better preparation of examinations.

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Class 9 Physics Chapter 1 SLO Based Notes

Class 9 Physics Chapter 1 SLOs

The students learning objectives for chapter 1 are given below. After studying this chapter students will be able to:

• describe the crucial role of Physics in Science, Technology and Society.

• explain with examples that Science is based on physical quantities which consist of
numerical magnitude and a unit.

• differentiate between base and derived physical quantities.

• list the seven units of System International (SI) along with their symbols and physical
quantities (standard definitions of SI units are not required).

• interconvert the prefixes and their symbols to indicate multiple and sub-multiple for
both base and derived units.

• write the answer in scientific notation in measurements and calculations.

• describe the working of Vernier Calipers and Screw Gauge for measuring length.

• identify and explain the limitation of measuring instruments such as meter rule,
Vernier Calipers and Screw Gauge.

• describe the need of using significant figures for recording and stating results in the

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