Pakistan Studies 9 Solved Paper 2018 Federal Board

Class 9 Pakistan Studies Solved Paper 2018

Class 9 Pakistan Studies Solved Paper 2018 for Federal Board is available in this post. You can see more FBISE solved past papers of class 9 on our website.

Class 9 Pakistan Studies Solved Paper 2018

Section A

Q1. MCQs

Class 9 Pakistan Studies Solved Paper 2018
Section B


(i)   What is meant by ‘Toheed’?

Ans.  Touheed means oneness of Allah. it means that Allah is the Creator and master of the entire universe. Allah alone is the lord of all is unique and peerless, He alone is the worshipped one; no one is his associate in worship in any form or shape.

(ii)   Give the location and area of Pakistan.

Ans.  Pakistan is located between latitudes 23° and 37° N, and longitudes 61° and 77° E. India lies in the East of Pakistan, China in the North while Afghanistan in the North-west and Iran in the West. The Arabian Sea is in the South of Pakistan. The total area of Pakistan is 796.096 square km.

(iii)    Write three causes of land pollution.

Ans.    Major causes of soil pollution are as under:-
a) Releasing used water of houses and factories.
b) Spraying pesticides on crops and using chemical fertilizers.
c) Natural disasters such as earth quakes and floods etc.
d) Salinity and water logging.
e) Heaps of domestic and industrial wastage.

(iv)    Which areas of Muslim majority, India got as a result of unjust division by Radcliffe?

Ans.   As a result of unjust division by Radcliffe, India got some important Muslim majority areas. Three of the Tehsil of Gurdaspur District that is Gurdaspur, Pathankot and Batala, Zira, the Tehsil of Ferozepur and some other areas comprised of an overwhelming majority of population of the Muslims were handed over to India.

(v)   What did Mama lqbal mention in his famous Allahabad address?

Ans.   In his famous presidential address in Allahabad in 1930, he demanded a separate state for the Muslims so that they might lead their lives in accordance with their religion and culture. He said: “the formation of a consolidated north-west Indian Muslim state appears to be the final destiny of the Muslims, at least North West India. The life of Islam as cultural force in this living country very largely depends on its centralization in a specified territory. I therefore demand the formation of a consolidated Muslim state in the best interests of India and Islam.”

(vi)   What is meant by Union Council and Union Committee?

Ans.  The lowest tier of Basic Democracies was composed of union councils. It was called Union Council for rural areas and Union Committee for urban areas. 1000 to 1500 voters elected one member directly. He or she was called B.D Member. They were responsible for sanitation, arrangements of street lights and Passengers’ Houses (Musafirkhana) keeping death and birth records etc.

(vii)    Write three points of Wavell plan.

Ans.    Following points were included in the Wavell Plan:
1. The constitution of the future will be made with the will of all the political forces.
2. The Viceroy’s Executive the council will be reconstituted. Representative of all the political forces will be selected for it. Six Hindus and five Muslims representative will be included in the Executive council.
3. Governor General will preside over the Executive council. All the members of the Executive council will belong to the Sub-continent except the Commander in chief.
4. After the reconstituting the Executive council in the centre, Executive councils will be
reconstituted in the all the provinces.

(viii)   What is meant by Two Nation Theory in historical perspective of the Sub-continent?

Ans.  In the perspective of the subcontinent two nation theory means that two major nations, the Muslims and the Hindus were settles there, the two nations were entirely different from each other in their religious ideas, the way of living and collective thinking. Their basic principles and the way of living were so different that despite living together for centuries; they could not intermingle with each other.

(ix)   What do you mean by Economic Development?

Ans.  The growth of an economy from backward to advanced economy is known as Economic Development. It is a process through which such changes are introduced in economy by adopting and utilizing modern, advanced, capital and human resources as increase the income of the country. The living standard of the people rises. The masses enjoy better opportunities of education, health, employment and recreation.

(x)   What were the Islamic Provisions of 1956 constitution?

Ans.    Five Islamic provisions of the Constitution of 1956 were as follows:
1) Name of the Country was adopted as, “The Islamic Republic of Pakistan”.
2) President of the country shall be Muslim.
3) Sovereignty belongs to Almighty Allah.
4) The Muslims will lead their lives according to the teaching of Islam.
5) No law would be passed or promulgated against the teaching of the Quran and Sunnah.
6) Pakistan shall be made a welfare State.

(xi)   Write three proposals of Cripps Mission?

Ans.    Cripps Mission offered the following proposals:
1. After the war, the Sub-continent will be under the Crown but the British Government would avoid interfering in internal as well as external affairs.
2. Defence, Foreign Affairs, Communication etc. will be handed over to the Indian.
3. The member of the Provincial legislative Assemblies will elect a Central Assemble for framing constitution. After the constitution is made, it will be sent to all the provinces for confirmation. The provinces which would not approve the constitution would have the authority to establish their independent status.
4. Appropriate steps will be taken for the security of the minorities.

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