Biology 10 Chapter 12 MCQs Test 1

In Biology 10 Chapter 12 MCQs Test 1, there are 15 MCQs. A total of 5 MCQs Tests are available from Chapter 12 of FBISE Class 10 Biology Book. We have prepared 58 multiple-choice questions, which are divided into five MCQs Tests.

MCQs Test No 1


Class 10 Biology
Chapter 12
Practice MCQs Test No 1

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The myelin sheath is formed by _________ which wrap around the axons of some neurons;

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A coordinated action has components;

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The part of the brain responsible for muscle movement, Interpretation of the senses and the memory is the;

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Ali Ibn-e-Isa's book on study of diseases and surgery of eye is;

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Processes that carry nerve impulses away from the cell body are called;

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All of these are hormones except:

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This is not a pan of the hindbrain:

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If you look at an intact human brain, what put see the most is a large, highly convoluted outer surface. This Is the;

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The portion of the nervous system that is involuntary in action:

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The elongation of eye-ball results in:

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The pathway followed by the nerve impulses for producing a reflex action Is called;

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Apart from hearing, what other major body function is performed by the ear?

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The organs which are specifically built to detect particular type of stimulus are called;

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Insulin and glucagon are produced in the;

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Which neurons are present Inside the central nervous system?

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