English 10 Solved 2018

English 10 Solved 2018 Federal Board

English 10 Solved 2019

Past papers always play a vital role in exam preparations. By consulting past papers, a student comes to know about the paper pattern of his forthcoming exam. We have solved the Federal Board English 10 Solved 2018 Past Paper in this post. You can see the more fbise solved past papers of class 10 on our website.

English 10 Solved 2019
Section A

Q1. MCQs

English 10 Solved 2018
Section B

Q2. Answer any FIVE of the following parts in about 30 to 40 words each. Each part carries three marks. (5 x 3= 15)

(i)   Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ) is the most prefect role model for all mankind. Explain briefly.

Ans.  Once a Quraish woman was found guilty of stealing. Some people wanted to save her from punishment in order to protect the honour of the family of the Quraish. They asked Hazrat Usama bin Zaid (رضي الله عنه) to intercede on her behalf. Hazrat Usama (رضي الله عنه) requested the Rasool (ﷺ) to forgive her. The Rasool (ﷺ) very furiously said, “Bani Israel was ruined because of this. They applied the law to the poor and forgave the rich.”

(ii)   What is the significance of New Year’s Eve Dinner?

Excluded from Syllabus for Annual Exams 2021

(iii)   What should your First Aid Kit consist of?

Ans.  First Aid kit should consist of first Aid Book, band-aids (sticky plasters) and elastic bandages, gauze and adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes cotton wool, safety pins and tweezers, scissors and latex gloves, calamine lotion and analgesic tablets and clinical thermometer.

(iv)   How can the career counselors help you choosing the promising profession?

Ans.  Career counselors are generally well informed about such trends. They can play a key role in guiding the youth towards a rewarding profession.

(v)   How does a book connect the reader and the writer?

Ans.  A book acts as a bridge between the reader and the writer. While reading the reader starts feeling enjoyment and understanding the emotions and thoughts expressed by the writer in the book. By writing a book, a writer talks with his readers. And by reading a book, the reader enters into the world created by the writer. Thus the book links both.

(vi)   How did Pip become a successful businessman?

Excluded from Syllabus for Annual Exams 2021

(vii)   Why are developing countries going to suffer more due to over population?

Excluded from Syllabus for Annual Exams 2021

Q3.  A.  Describe briefly the two contrasting moods of the wind as given in the poem ‘Peace’.   (03)

Excluded from Syllabus for Annual Exams 2021

Q3.  B. Read the following stanza carefully and answer the questions given at the end:   (6)
I hear leaves drinking rain;
I hear rich leaves on top
Giving the poor beneath
Drop after drop;
‘Tis a sweet noise to hear
These green leaves drinking near.

(i)  Give the name of the poet.

Ans.  W. H Davies

(ii)  What does the poet hear?

Ans. The poet hears leaves drinking rain.

(iii)  What do the rich and the poor leaves symbolize?

Ans. The rich leaves stand for the rich people and the poor leaves stand for the poor people.

Q4.  Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end:

Excluded from Syllabus for Annual Exams 2021

Section C (Marks 26)

Q5.  A.  Change any FOUR of the following sentences into Indirect Narration: (04)

(i)  He said to him, “Wait until I return.”

Ans.  He asked him to wait until he returned.

(ii)  The Judge said to the accused, “Have you anything to say?”

Ans. The judge asked the accused whether he had anything to say.

(iii)  The teacher said, “She has always been a good student.”

Ans.  The teacher said that she had always been a good student.

(iv)   He said, “May Allah help me do my duty.”

Ans.  He prayed that Allah might help him do his duty.

(v)  She said to him, “Please fetch me a glass of water.”

Ans. She requested him to fetch a glass of water for her.

(vi)  They said, “Alas! We could not defeat our enemies.”

Ans. They exclaimed with sorrow that they could not defeat their enemies.

Q5. B.  Use any FOUR of the following Prepositional/ Phrasal Verbs in sentences: (04)

(i) Act upon:                 

We must act upon the advice of our teacher.

(ii) Die of:

Many people have died of COVID-19.

(iii) Taste for:     

Ahmad has no taste for music.

(iv) Surprise at:

My parents were surprised at my exam result.

(v) Listen to:

Always listen to your parents carefully.

(vi) Polite in:

Usman is polite in his behaviour to others.

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