English 10 Model Paper 2020 Federal Board

English 10 Model Paper

We have solved the Federal Board English 10 Model Paper in this post. You can see the more fbise solved past papers of class 10 on our website.

English 10 Model Paper
Section A

Q1. MCQs

English 10 Model Paper
Section B

Q2. Attempt any FIVE from the following parts in about 30 to 40 words each with reference to your textbook. All parts carry equal marks.      (5 x 3 = 15)

(i)   What do decorations on doors and windows symbolize? (The Chinese New Year)

Excluded from Syllabus for Annual Exams 2021

(ii)   How is Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ) a perfect model of justice for all mankind? (Hazrat Muhammad ﷺan Embodiment of Justice)

Ans. Hazrat Muhammad’s (ﷺ) life is a perfect model and example for the people who want to attain goodness, piety, and success in their individual as well as social life. People can seek light from the message and guidance from his life to achieve perfection in the moral, spiritual and social areas of life. He has set very high and noble ideals through his practical examples for all mankind to follow in every field of life.

(iii)   Why is there a need for proper career counseling department? (Selecting the Right Career)

Ans. Yes, there should be a proper career counseling department. This highlights the importance of a full-time career counseling department at the school level. The function of this department should be to determine the personalities of students, to observe and analyze their interests, and to suggest suitable careers according to their aptitude.

(iv)   “It’s a slow food in a world given over to fast food”. Explain the statement. “It’s a slow food in a world given over to fast food”. Explain the statement. (A World without Books)

Ans.  It takes a long time to write a book. Books are slow food in the sense of that preparing a book takes much time. A reader studies comprehend and enjoys this book at a fast speed.

(v)   How did Pip become a successful businessman? (Great Expectations)

Excluded from Syllabus for Annual Exams 2021

(vi)   What is the major cause of food shortage and malnutrition in the world? (Population Growth and World Food Supplies)

Excluded from Syllabus for Annual Exams 2021

(v)   How can faithfulness be useful in reforming society? (Faithfulness)

Ans. A faithful person is trustworthy and reliable. Today man is losing trust on one another. Deceiving and cheating is order of the day. This has created restlessness and situation of chaos that is why ‘Faithfulness’ is a characteristic much needed in today’s world.

Q3.  A. Write down the theme of the poem “Try Again”.    (03) 

Ans. The message of the poem is universal. The poet says that when the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, ‘Try it one more time.” The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places. So you should keep up trying again and again to cross this road. The poet tells us not to lose hope when things go wrong. He advises us not to give up if we fail in our first attempt instead we should try again. The poet thinks it’s no disgrace in failing to reach our goal the first time. With patience and steady effort, we will be able to reach our goal.

Q3.  B. Read the following stanza carefully and answer the questions given at the end:   (6)

I hear leaves drinking rain;
I hear rich leaves on top
Giving the poor beneath
Drop after drop;
‘Tis a sweet noise to hear
These green leaves drinking near.

(i)  What do the rich and the poor leaves symbolize?

Ans. The rich and the poor leave symbolize poor and rich people in the universe.

(ii)  Which problem of society has been highlighted in the stanza?

Ans. The problem of a society that has been highlighted in the stanza is that the rich get a golden chance first and whatever remains trickle down to the poor people. However, the poet hopes that there would be equality in the society just like the sunshine that spreads all over the world equally.

(iii)  Why is the noise sweet to the poet?

Ans. Because it creates a beautiful sound of equality, rain is always good for humanity that is why the noise of rain is sweet to the poet.

Q4.  Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end:

Excluded from Syllabus for Annual Exams 2021

Section C (Marks 26)

Q5.  A.  Change any FOUR of the following sentences into Indirect Narration: (04)

(i)   The students said, “Sir, good morning”.

Ans.  The students wished their teacher good morning.

(ii)  The master said to the peon, “Why were you absent yesterday”?

Ans. The master asked the peon why he had been absent the previous day.

(iii)  The teacher said, “Do not waste your time in idle talk”.

Ans.  The teacher forbade the student to waste their time in idle talk.

(iv)   The captain said, “Hurrah! We have won the match”.

Ans.  The captain exclaimed with joy that they had won the match.

(v)  The mother said to her son, “May you return successful!”

Ans. The mother prayed for her son that he might return successful. 

(vi)  The wise say, “Hard work is key to success”.

Ans. The wise say that hard work is key to success.

Q5. B.  Use any FOUR of the prepositional/phrasal verbs in sentences.    (04)

(i) Feel for:

We must have feel for the poor.

(ii) Send for:

Please, send for the doctor immediately.

(iii) Assure of:

Ahmad assured me of his full cooperation.

(iv) Part with:

He always takes part with his brother.

(v) Die of:

She died of a brain tumour.

(vi) Abide by:

If you make a promise, abide by it.

Q6. Write an application to the Managing Director of a firm for the post of Manager.   (8)

Will be updated soon

Q7. Write an essay on any ONE of the following topics: (150 – 200 words)                   (10)

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