class 10 physics 2018

Class 10 Physics 2018 Solved Past Paper Federal Board

Class 10 Physics 2018

Paper preparation becomes easy for any exam if you have past papers available with you. By analyzing past papers, a student feels very much satisfied with his future exam. We have solved the Class 10 Physics 2018 Past Paper in this post.

We are quite hopeful that students of the Federal Board, BISE Lahore, BISE Rawalpindi, BISE Multan, BISE Sargodha, BISE FSD, BISE GRW, BISE Sahiwal, BISE BWP, and all the other educational boards, will take advantage of this post.

Class 10 Physics 2018 (Local) Paper

Section A

Q1. MCQs

Click HERE for MCQs Practice Tests.

Section B


(i) Write down any three common properties of Longitudinal and Transverse waves.

Ans:   The common properties of Longitudinal and Transverse waves are:
            1.         Both the waves are mechanical waves.
            2.         Both the waves transport energy.
            3.         In both the waves, the particles oscillate about their mean positions.
            4.         Both the waves satisfy the equation v=fλ

(ii) If the time for 20 vibrations is 100 seconds then find:
a.   Time period         
b.   Frequency

(iii) Explain briefly the transmission of radio waves.

Excluded from Syllabus for Annual Exams 2021

(iv) Define the following:
a. Reverberation
b. Acoustics

Excluded from Syllabus for Annual Exams 2021

(v) Find the sound intensity if the sound level is 80 dB.

(vi) If the length of a simple pendulum is ‘4’ times, what will be the change in its time period?

(vii) If a high voltage power line fell across your car while you were in the car. Why should you not come out of the car?

Excluded from Syllabus for Annual Exams 2021

(viii) Does each capacitor carry equal charge in series combination? Explain briefly.

Excluded from Syllabus for Annual Exams 2021

(ix) Write down any three properties of electric field lines.

Ans.    Properties of Electric Field Lines:
         1.  The field lines are imaginary lines around a field charge with an arrow head indicating the direction of the force.
           2.  Field lines are always directed from positive charge towards negative charge.
           3.  The spacing between the field lines shows the strength of the electric field.

(x) Name any three uses of oscilloscope.

Excluded from Syllabus for Annual Exams 2021

(xi) Name two factors, which can enhance the thermionic emission and also define thermionic emission.

Ans.    Thermionic Emission: When metals are heated, electrons are emitted from the surface of the metals. The process of emission of electrons from the surfaces of hot metals is called thermionic emission.

           The rate of thermionic emission depends upon the nature of the metal, its temperature, and the surface area of the metal. Increasing the temperature and surface area of the cathode, the rate of thermionic emission is increased.

(xii) What are radio Isotopes? Give two examples.

(xiii) How much of 1 gram sample of pure radioactive matter would be left undecayed after four half lives.

(xiv) The 14 – C : 12 – C ratio in the fossil bone is found to be 1/4 th that of the ratio in the bone of living animal. The half life of 14 – C is 5730 years. What is the approximate age of the fossil?

(xv) Can current flow in a circuit without a potential difference?

Excluded from Syllabus for Annual Exams 2021

Section C

Attempt any Two Questions

Q3. a. Draw ray diagram of the following:                       (2+2+2)
(i)         Simple Microscope
(ii)        Compound Microscope 
(iii)       Telescope

Excluded from Syllabus for Annual Exams 2021

Q3. b. An object and its image in a concave mirror are of the same height yet inverted, when the object is 20 cm from the mirror. What is the focal length of the mirror?  (04)

Q4. a. Define Resistance and also prove that R=ρL/A

Q4. b. A step-down transformer has a turn ratio of 1:100. An AC voltage of level of amplitude 170 volts is applied to primary coil. If the current in the primary coil is 1 mA then what is the current in secondary coil?    (04)

Q5. a. Define Generator, A.C Generator and also draw labeled diagram to illustrate the structure and working of A.C Generator.   (1+1+4)

Excluded from Syllabus for Annual Exams 2021

Q5. b. By applying a potential difference of 10 volts across the conductor, a current of 1.5A passes through it. How much energy would be obtained from the current in 2 minutes?   (4)

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