Pakistan Studies 9 Past Paper 2019 MCQs Tests

Federal Board, FBISE Pakistan Studies 9 MCQs Tests of 2019 Past Paper is available on this page. There is one Pakistan Studies paper conducted in 2019, the one is taken within Pakistan. MCQs Test for paper is given below. Chapter-wise MCQs Tests of Pakistan Studies 9 are available HERE.

Past Paper 2019
Practice MCQs Test


Class 9
Pakistan Studies
Past Paper 2019 MCQs
Practice MCQs Test

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Along the borders of Pakistan and China there is mountain range of:

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The First Constitution of Pakistan was implemented in the country in:

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When did the Quaid-e-Azam present his famous fourteen points?

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World War II broke out in:

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The word “Pakistan” was coined by:

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When was the Battle of Palasi fought?

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Indus Water Treaty was brokered by:

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The total area of Pakistan is:

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Who gave the Presidential Address in the Resolution of Lahore, 23rd March, 1940 AD?

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What percentage of the total area of Pakistan is covered with forests?

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