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Maths MCQs for Class 10

Class 10 Maths is the most important subject of SSC Part II. The book contains a total of 13 chapters among which the last Chapter is of Practical Geometry (Circle). As far as Maths MCQs for class 10 are concerned all the chapters are equally important. This post includes all the FBISE Maths Past Papers MCQs of 10th Class with answers.

Importance of MCQs in Exam?

MCQs are the 20% part of any subject paper, if a student does the practice of all the MCQs provided by then he/she will be able to attempt maximum MCQs well. We have collected all the FBISE Old Papers MCQs of Maths for 10th Class. To prepare for MCQs Exam a student should visit Practice MCQs Tests on our website. Chapter-wise MCQs Tests are also available on this page.

Class 10 Maths Reduced Syllabus 2021

Unit 1 Quadratic Equations

Ex. 1.1Q1(iv, vi); Q2(i, iv, v); Q3(i, ii, iv, vi, vii, viii, ix);
Ex. 1.2Q1(iii, iv, vii, viii, ix)
Ex. 1.3Q2; Q4; Q5; Q7; Q9; Q10; Q13; Q14
Ex. 1.4Q3; Q7; Q8; Q10; Q11
Miscellaneous Ex 1Q1; Q2; Q3

Unit 2 Theory of Quadratic Equations

Ex. 2.1Q1(i, iii); Q2(iii, iv); Q3; Q4(ii, iii); Q5; Q6; Q8(ii)
Ex. 2.2Q1; Q2(ii, iv, vii, viii); Q3; Q5
Ex. 2.3Q1(i, ii, iv); Q2(i); Q3(i); Q4(ii); Q5(ii, iii); Q6(i)
Ex. 2.4Q1(ii, iii); Q2(iii, iv)
Ex. 2.5Q1(c, g, h); Q2(a, c, d, e); Q3(a)
Ex. 2.6Q1(ii, iii); Q2(ii); Q3(i); Q4(i, iii); Q5(i)
Ex. 2.7Q1; Q3; Q4; Q5; Q6; Q9
Ex. 2.8Q2; Q4; Q5; Q6; Q7
Miscellaneous Ex 2Q1; Q3

Unit 3 Variations

Ex. 3.1Q1(iii, iv); Q2(i, ii); Q3; Q4; Q6; Q9; Q11(iii, iv)
Ex. 3.2Q1(i, iii); Q3; Q6; Q7; Q8; Q9
Ex. 3.3Q1(iii, iv, vi); Q2(ii, iv, v); Q3(iii, iv); Q4(ii, iii)
Ex. 3.4Q1(i, iv, v, vii); Q2(iii, v, vi, viii, ix)
Ex. 3.5Q2; Q3; Q5; Q6
Ex. 3.6Q1(ii, iii, iv, vi); Q2(i, ii)
Ex. 3.7Q1; Q2; Q6; Q7; Q8
Miscellaneous Ex 3Q1; Q3

Unit 4 Partial Fractions

Ex. 4.1Q2; Q3; Q4; Q7; Q8
Ex. 4.2Q1; Q2; Q4; Q7
Ex. 4.3Q1; Q4; Q6; Q8
Ex. 4.4Q1; Q2; Q3
Miscellaneous Ex 4Q1

Unit 5 Sets and Functions

Ex. 5.1Q2(i, iv); Q3(i, iii, v); Q4(i, ii, iii, iv); Q5(i)
Ex. 5.2Q1(ii, iii); Q2; Q3; Q4(i)
Ex. 5.3Q1(i, v, vi); Q3; Q4(i, iii, iv, v)
Ex. 5.4Q2; Q3(ii, iii); Q4; Q5(ii, iii)
Ex. 5.5Q1; Q2; Q4; Q5; Q6(vii, viii)
Miscellaneous Ex 5Q1; Q2; Q3

Unit 6 Basic Statistics

Ex. 6.1Q1; Q2; Q4; Q5
Ex. 6.2Q3; Q6; Q7; Q9; Q10; Q12; Q13
Ex. 6.3Q4; Q5; Q6; Q7
Miscellaneous Ex. 6Q1

Unit 7 Introduction to Trigonometry

Ex. 7.1Q1(ii, iii, vi, viii); Q2(i, ii); Q3(ii, v); Q4(ii, iv, v, vii); Q5(ii, v, vii)
Ex. 7.2Q1(ii); Q2(ii); Q3(ii); Q5; Q10; Q13
Ex. 7.3Q1(ii, iv); Q2(ii, iv); Q3(ii, iii); Q7; Q8; Q9; Q10; Q12(ii, iii, v, vii, ix, xi)
Ex. 7.4Q8; Q9; Q11; Q12; Q13; Q16; Q17; Q18; Q20; Q21; Q23; Q24
Ex. 7.5Q5; Q6; Q7; Q8; Q9; Q10; Q12
Miscellaneous Ex 7Q1; Q3

Unit 8 Projection of a Side of a Triangle

Ex. 8.1Q1
Ex. 8.2Q2; Q3
TheoremsTheorem 1; Theorem 2
Miscellaneous Ex 8Q4; Q6; Q8; Q10

Unit 9 Chords of a Circle

Ex. 9.1Q3; Q4
Ex. 9.2Q2; Q3
TheoremsTheorem 1; Theorem 2; Theorem 4
Miscellaneous Ex 9Q1; Q2

Unit 10 Tangent to a Circle

Ex. 10.1Q1
Ex. 10.2Q1; Q2
TheoremsTheorem 3; Theorem 4(A); Theorem 4(B)
Miscellaneous Ex 10Q1

Unit 11 Chords and Arcs

Ex. 11.1Q1; Q2;
TheoremsTheorem 1; Theorem 3; Theorem 4
Miscellaneous Ex 11Q1

Unit 12 Angle in a Segment of Circle

TheoremsTheorem 1; Theorem 3
Miscellaneous Ex 12Q1

Unit 13 Practical Geometry – Circle

Ex. 13.1Q3(ii); Q5; Q6
Ex. 13.2Q1; Q2; Q3; Q6; Q7
Ex. 13.3Q1; Q2; Q3; Q5; Q6; Q9
Miscellaneous Ex 13Q1; Q2; Q3


  • All Class work will be given for revision as H.W.
  • The MCQs Portion of the annual paper will be taken from the MCQs exercise at the end of the
    chapters: so MCQs will be done in class by the class teacher.

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