Mathematics 10 Past Papers 2015 MCQs Tests Federal Board

Federal Board, FBISE Mathematics 10 MCQs Tests of 2015 Past Papers are available on this page. There is only one Mathematics objective paper available on the FBISE website that is an overseas paper. MCQs Test of only Overseas paper is given below. Chapter-wise MCQs Tests of Mathematics 10 are available HERE.

Past Paper 2015 (Overseas)
Practice MCQs Test


Class 10 Mathematics
Past Paper 2015 (Overseas)
Practice MCQs Test

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A line which has two points in common with a circle is called:

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If b-4ac<0 , then roots of equation ax²+bx+c=0 are:

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If R={(0,2),(2,3),(3,3),(3,4)} then Domain of R is:

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A fraction in which the degree of the numerator is equal to or greater than the degree of denominator is called:

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The angles subtended by an arc at the circumference of a circle are:

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The semi-circumference and the diameter of a circle both subtend a central angle of:

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The measures that are used to determine the degree or extent of variation in a data set are called measures of:

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If u/v=v/w=k then:

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An arc subtends a central angle of 40° then the corresponding chord will subtend a central angle of:

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Tangents drawn at the end points of the diameter of a circle are:

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The opposite angles of any quadrilateral inscribed in a circle are:

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15° is equal to:

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The solution set of 5x²=15x is:

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The length of each side of a regular pentagon is 5cm. Its perimeter is:

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