English 9 Solved Paper 2018 Federal Board

Class 9 English Solved Paper 2018

Past papers always play a vital role in exam preparations. By consulting past papers, a student comes to know about the paper pattern of his forthcoming exam. We have solved the Federal Board English 9 Solved Paper 2018 in this post. You can see the more fbise solved past papers of class 9 on our website.

Class 9 English Solved Paper 2018

Section A

Q1. MCQs

Class 9 English Solved Paper 2018

Section B

Q2. Answer any six of the following parts in about 30 to 40 words. Each part carries equal marks.    (6 x 3 = 18)

(i)  Why did the Holy Prophet stay in the cave of Hira?

Ans.  The Rasool (ﷺ) was stayed in the cave of Hira for solitude and meditation in remembrance of Allah almighty.

(ii)  What are the qualities of a Patriot?

Ans.  The qualities of a patriot are sovereignty, integrity and honour of the country. Patriots render sacrifice for the preservation and protection of these values. A patriot loves his country and always willing to sacrifice.

(iv)   How did Hazrat Asma (رضي الله عنہا) console her grandfather?

Ans.  The grandfather of Hazrat Asma (رضي الله عنہا) Hazrat Abu Quhafaa was a disbeliever, very old and blind man. He thought that Hazrat Abu Bakar (رضي الله عنه) had taken all the wealth away and had left the family empty handed and helpless. Hazrat Asma (رضي الله عنہا) wisely consoled him by showing some pebbles as stones or gems. He touched and felt relieved.

(v)   What do the daffodils represent in the poem?

Ans.  Daffodils represent the nature and its impact on the human beings.

(vi)   What was the ideology of Pakistan in view of the Quaid-e-Azam?

Ans. The ideology of Pakistan in view of the Quaid-e-Azam was based on the fundamental principle that the Muslims are an independent nation and any attempt to get them to merge their national and political identity will not only be resisted but it will be futile.

(vii)   Why was a heavy iron chain hung at the entrance of the court?

Ans.  A heavy iron chain hangs in the upper part of the court entrance on the western side. This side was meant for the Sultan alone. The chain was put there, so that the Sultan had to lower his head every time he entered the court. It was the symbolic gesture, to ensure the humility of the ruler in the face of the divine.

Q3a.  Paraphrase any ONE of the following stanzas:                    (03)

(ii) I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Paraphrasing: The poet says, one day I was wandering above like a cloud over valley and hills. Suddenly I saw a large number of golden daffodils; they were growing under the trees beside the lake they were dancing with the breeze merrily.

b. Read the following stanza carefully and answer the question given at the end: (6)

Continuous as the stars that shine
And twinkle on the milky way,
They stretched in never-ending line
Along the margin of a bay;
Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

(i)   How do you compare daffodils with the stars?

Ans. The poet describes comparison about the daffodils that the row of daffodils looks like the endless row of shining stars in the Milky Way. Stars are shinning on the sky and the poet imagines that the daffodils are just like twinkling stars.

(ii)  What is the meaning of the line “Ten thousand saw I at a glance”?

Ans.    The Poet was in awe of the vast number of daffodils. The poet was unable to count the number of daffodils. They stretched in never-ending line.

(iii) Who is the poet of the poem “Daffodils”?

Ans.   William Wordsworth.

Q4a.  Change the Voice of any FOUR of the following:

(i)  The mason is building the wall.

Ans. The wall is being built by the mason.

(ii)  The letter has just been posted.

Ans. Someone (he, she) has just posted the letter.

(iii)  Everyone loves him.

Ans. He is loved by everyone.

(iv)  My father will write a letter.

Ans. A letter will be written by my father.

(v)  His teacher praised him.

Ans. He was praised by the teacher.

(vi)  The cat will kill the mouse.

Ans. The mouse will be killed by the cat.

(vii)  Manners reveal character.

Ans. Character is revealed by manners.

b.  Provide correct form of Verb of any FIVE of the following sentences:

(i)     He (arrive) yesterday.

Ans.    He arrived yesterday.

(ii)    He (sleep) two hours before I awoke him.

Ans. He had slept two hours before I awoke him.

(iii)   I (suffer) from fever since Monday.

Ans. I have been suffering from fever since Monday.

(iv)  The boy (kick) the football.

Ans. The boy kicks the football. Or The boy kicked the football.

(v)    He asked him where he (be) going.

Ans. He asked him where he was going.

(vi)   Let your patents be (love).

Ans. Let your parents be loved.

(vii)  Are pens (repair) by you?

Ans.    Are pens repaired by you?

(viii)  My cousin has (draw) this picture.

Ans.    My cousin has drawn this picture.

c.   Punctuate and capitalize
     Sometimes I have thought that it would be an excellent rule to live each day as if we should die tomorrow

Ans.    Sometimes, I have thought that it would be an excellent rule to live each day as if we should die tomorrow.

Q7. Translate any EIGHT of the following sentences into English:

– شیر گھاس نہیں کھاتا (i)

Ans.   Lion does not eat grass.

نوید اپنے دوست کو خط لکھ رہا ہے (ii)

 Ans.   Naveed is writing a letter to his friend.

کیا انھوں نے اپنا فرض ادا کر دیا ہے؟ (iii)

Ans.    Have they done their duty?

وہ گھنٹی بجنے سے پہلے جا چکا تھا (iv)

 Ans.   He had gone before the bell rang.

کیا وہ اپنا کام دو سال سے کرتے رہے ھوں گے (v)

Ans.   Will they have been doing their work for two years?

انار کلی لاہور کا مصروف ترین بازار ہے (vi)

 Ans.   Anarkali is the busiest bazaar of Lahore.

انھوں نے آپ کی تجویز منظور نہیں کی (vii)

 Ans.  They did not accept your proposal.

ہم شام کو ہاکی کھیلتے ہیں (viii)

Ans.   We play hockey in the evening.

– کسان گندم کی فصل کاٹ رہے ہیں (ix)

Ans.   Farmers are harvesting the wheat crop.

– سورج مشرق سے نکلتا ہے (x)

Ans.   The sun rises in the east.

– آدمی اپنی صحبت سے پہچانا جاتا ہے (xi)

Ans.   A man is known by the company he keeps.

ان کی تعریف نہیں کی جا رہی تھی (xii)

 Ans.  They were not being praised.

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