English 9 Past Paper 2020 MCQs Tests

Federal Board, FBISE English 9 MCQs Tests of 2020 Past Paper is available on this page. There is one English paper conducted in 2020, the one is taken within Pakistan. MCQs Test for paper is given below. Chapter-wise MCQs Tests of English 9 are available HERE.

Past Paper 2020
Practice MCQs Test


Class 9 English
Past Paper 2020
Practice MCQs Test

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He made people work. The underlined word is a/an:

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Salma is a good speaker. ___________ she also writes very well.

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I shall not abandon the proclamation of the oneness of God (Tauheed). The underlined word means:

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His concern was alleviated and he felt relieved to know that Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (RA) had left all.

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The lorry was carrying stolen goods. The underlined word is a/an:

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Choose the correct spelling:

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You should keep your promise. The underlined word is a/an:

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Blue mosque reflects the architectural style of both Ottoman mosque and:

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Keep up your morale. The underlined word means:

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A herd of cattle was grazing in the field. The underlined word is a/an:

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The dog sat _______ his master.

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If I were you, I should not do that. This sentence is conditional.

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The post saw ___________ daffodils at a glance.

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He spoke eloquently. The underlined word is an adverb of:

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I know the woman whose child was hurt. The underlined part is a/an:

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