English 9 Past Paper 2018 MCQs Tests

Federal Board, FBISE English 9 MCQs Tests of 2018 Past Paper is available on this page. There is one English paper conducted in 2018, the one is taken within Pakistan. MCQs Test for paper is given below. Chapter-wise MCQs Tests of English 9 are available HERE.

Past Paper 2018
Practice MCQs Test


Class 9 English
Past Paper 2018
Practice MCQs Test

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Most of us take life for granted. It is a/an:

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Choose the correct spelling:

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If I see Aslam, I'll _________ him to dinner tomorrow. Choose the correct form of verb.

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She gave ________ all the money to the poor and the needy.

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Helen Keller wrote the book "The World I Live In" in:

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The lorry was carrying stolen goods. The underlined word is:

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He was very pleased that you have passed. The underlined clause is a/an:

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The branches were covered with blanket of snow. In this sentence we find an example of:

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Hazrat Asma (R.A) remained steadfast and did not reveal the secret. The underlined word means:

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The Blue Mosque has ________ minarets.

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Nobody was there to rescue the child. The underlined word is a/an:

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The boy laughs loudly. The underlined word is a/an:

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Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ) spent most of his time in solitude and meditation at the age of _____ years.

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We have been reading for two hours. What tense is it?

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I ate some rice. The underlined word is a/an:

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