Computer Science 10 ModelPaper MCQs Test

FBISE Computer Science 10 ModelPaper 2020 MCQs Test contains a total of 12 Multiple Choice Questions, each MCQ has 4 options. For more MCQs Tests visit our MCQs Tests Page.

Computer Science Model Paper MCQs Test


Class 9 Computer Science
Model Paper 2020
Practice MCQs Test

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Which of the following structures allows a choice among various options?

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Which statement is equivalent to “k = k + a;” ?

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Which of the selection structures tests only for equality?

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Which loop should be used when it is required to execute the loop at least once?

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Which format specifier is used to print or read a floating-point value in decimal notation?

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Which language is used for creating Web pages?

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What is the maximum number of possible input combinations in a truth table that has three variables?

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Which of the following gates is also known as inverter?

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How many bytes are set aside by the compiler for a variable of type ‘int’?

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Which logic gate is represented by the function, F = \widehat{xy} ?

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Which program translates high-level language into machine language?

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Which of the following refers to uploading of Web pages to Web server so that others can access it?

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