Computer Science 10 Chapter 7 MCQs Test 1

FBISE Computer Science 10 Chapter 7 MCQs Test 1. Just do the practice as many times as you can so that you get 100% marks.

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Chapter 7 MCQs Test 1


Class 10 Computer Science Chapter 7 Ex MCQs Practice Test

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Which of the following refers to uploading of Web pages to Web server so that others can access it?

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Which of the following tags does not have a closing tag?

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How many types of lists are commonly used in HTML pages?

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What is a collection of Web pages hosted on a Web server called?

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Anything typed inside which tags is displayed in the browser window?

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What is text or image in a Web page called that links it to another Web page when user clicks on it?

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Which language is used for creating Web pages?

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What is an Internet address called that identifies a website?

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