Class 12 Pakistan Studies 2022 MCQs Test (English Medium)

FBISE Federal Board Class 12 Pakistan Studies 2022 MCQs Test (English Medium). Do as much practice as you can so that you get good marks in the final exams.

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Class 12 Pak Studies 2022 MCQs Test


Class 12 Pakistan Studies
Past Paper 2022
Practice MCQs Test

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When was the first five-year development plan started in Pakistan?

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Which was the largest industrial city of India at the time of partition?

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Which was the most important common value among the Muslims of sub-continent for the acquisition of Pakistan?

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According to 1973 constitution the defence of Pakistan conies under the domain of:

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Which is the first country that recognized Pakistan as an independent county?

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Which city was the centre of Gandhara civilization?

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Which is the longest season in Pakistan?

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Which was implemented as an interim constitution after the establishment of Pakistan?

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On account of which reasons the British government partitioned Bengal in 1905?

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Which of the following is most important medium of acquiring and imparting all knowledge in a human society?

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