Class 11 Physics Model Paper 2 MCQs Test

FBISE Federal Board Class 11 Physics Model Paper 2 MCQs Test. Do as much practice as you can so that you get good marks in the final exams.

Class 11 Physics Model Paper 2 MCQs Test


Class 11 Physics
Model Paper 2
Practice MCQs Test

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A man standing on the edge of a cliff throws a stone vertically upwards with a certain speed. He then throws another stone downwards with same speed. Find the ratio of the speed of two stones when they hit the ground.

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When a tuning fork of frequency 100Hz is sounded with a tuning fork B, the number of beats per second is 2. After waxing B, the number of beats per second is 1. The frequency of fork B is:

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The resultant of two forces having magnitudes of 5N and 6N is 1N. The angle between them is:

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A body rotating in a circle of radius 0.5m with an angular speed of 10rad/s its tangential velocity is:

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The fundamental frequency of a closed organ pipe is 50Hz. The frequency of second overtone is:

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Resonance curve is fairly flat for:

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Fringe width in Young’s double-slit experiment increases when:

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A vector A is along the positive x-axis. If B is another vector such that A × B = 0 then B would be:

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A particle is falling freely through a viscous medium with terminal velocity. Its acceleration is:

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The angular speed of hour hand of a clock is:

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The dimension ratio of power to work is:

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A man carries a bucket of water of 1kg for 10m then work done by gravity will be:

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Entropy of hot reservoir of a heat engine:

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In a simple pendulum experiment, percentage errors in length “L” and time “T” are 0.1% and 2% respectively. What is the percentage uncertainty in the value of g?

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Height of the closest orbit of the satellite above the Earth is:

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The regular array of atoms in a crystal forms a natural diffraction grating with a spacing of:

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Work done by centripetal force of 10 N moving in a circle of radius 5 m will be:

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