Class 11 Physics 2019 Local MCQs Test

FBISE Federal Board Class 11 Physics 2019 Local MCQs Test. Do as much practice as you can so that you get good marks in the final exams.

Class 11 Physics MCQs Tests

Physics 2019 Local MCQs Test


Class 11 Physics
Paper 2019 Local
Practice MCQs Test

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Which of the following may be used as a valid formula to calculate the speed of ocean waves? (v=speed, g=acceleration due to gravity, A =wavelength, ρ=density, h=depth)

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A person walks first 10 km north and 20 km east. The magnitude of the resultant vector is:

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For which angle the equation \( \left| \bar{A}.\bar{B}\right| = \left| \bar{A}\times\bar{B}\right| \) is correct ?

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If the earth suddenly stops rotating, the value of ‘g’ at the equator would:

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When a block of wood of mass 2kg is pushed along a horizontal flat surface of a bench, the force of friction is 4N. When the block is pushed along the bench with a force of 10N, it moves with a constant:

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Which of the following factors has no effect on the speed of sound in a gas?

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The time period of the same pendulum at Karachi and at Murree are related as: (Tm = Time period at Murree Tk = Time period at Karachi)

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In which of the following processes maximum work can be obtained?

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One horse power is equal to:

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What is the moment of inertia of a sphere?

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A projectile is thrown so that it travels a maximum range of 1000m. How high will it rise?

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In a cricket match, 500 spectators are counted one by one. How many significant figures will be there in the final result?

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The effect produced by the superposition of waves from two coherent sources passing through the same region is called:

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Bernoulli’s equation is based upon the law of conservation of:

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Signals from remote control to the device operated by it travel with the speed of:

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In an isolated system, the total energy of vibrating mass and spring is:

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A rain drop of radius ‘r’ falls in air with a terminal speed vt. What should be the terminal speed of rain drop of radius ‘2r’?

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