Class 10 Chemistry Model Paper 1 Solution

FBISE Class 10 Chemistry Model Paper 1 Solution. You can download the paper by clicking on the download button just below the paper.

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Class 10 Chemistry Model Paper 1 Solution

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  1. the first short question is wrong. AlBr3 is a neutral species. Al has valency 3 whereas bromine has valency -1
    so when bonds will be formed between Al and 3 Br. octet of Al will be compelete resulting in a neutral species.

    1. Dear student, Al has 3 electrons in its valence shell, when it makes 3 single covalent bonds with 3 Br atoms then it will have total of 6 electrons, while for completing octet, it requyires 8 electrons, so it will accept an electron pair. For further understanding, please open your textbook and see the answer of Example 10.2 part 3 on page 26.

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