Past Papers Chemistry MCQs for 10th Class

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Chemistry MCQs for Class 10

Chemistry is a very special subject. Especially for those students who want to become Chemical Engineers or Chemists. Understanding the concepts of Chemistry is very difficult for the majority of the students. In this post, we have provided you with Chemistry MCQs for class 10. This post contains all the FBISE Chemistry Past Papers MCQs of 10th Class with answers.

How much Practice is required?

All the Past Papers MCQs of Chemistry for 10th Class are given above. To prepare these MCQs for exams we have also prepared Practice MCQs Tests for you. Just visit our website’s MCQs Tests page and do the practice of all the MCQs Tests again and again so that you start getting 100% marks. In this way, you will be able to get full marks in MCQs Exam. Chapter-wise MCQs Tests are also available for you.

Class 10 Chemistry Reduced Syllabus 2021


Side Boxes like (Society, Technology and Science, Do you know, Science, Tit-Bits are excluded from the syllabus, it is obvious that the topic which are excluded questions relevant in the exercises are omitted.

Chapter 9: Chemical Equilibrium

Reversible reaction and dynamic equilibrium, Law of mass action and its derivation, equilibrium constant and its unit, Importance of equilibrium constant.

Chapter 10: Acid, Bases, and Salt

Concept of Acid and bases, Arrhenius, Lowry and Bronsted-Lowery, Lewis concept of acid and bases, pH scale, Salts, Uses of salts.

Chapter 11: Organic Chemistry

Organic compound, Chemical diversity and magnitude of organic compound, general characteristic of organic compound, condensed and structural formula, saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbon, Naming alkane, sources, and uses of organic compound, alkane and alkyl radical, classification of organic compound, functional group (complete topic).

Chapter 12: Hydrocarbon

Hydrocarbon and its types, Alkane, preparation of alkanes, Properties of alkanes, Alkene, preparation of alkene, Properties of alkenes, Alkynes, preparation of alkynes, Properties of alkynes.

Chapter 13: Biochemistry

Carbohydratesanditstypes, sources, and uses of carbohydrates, nucleic acid, DNA, RNA, vitamins, and Types of vitamins.

Chapter 14: Environmental Chemistry

Layers of atmosphere, Air pollutants, Effects and sources of air pollutants, Global warming, acid rain and its effects, Ozone depletion and its effect.

Chapter 15: Environmental Chemistry II Water

Soft and Hard water, Types of soft and hard water, Methods of removing hardness of water, Waterborne diseases.

Chapter 16: Chemical Industries

Topics: Basic metallurgical operation, Solvay process, Urea, Fractional distillation of petroleum.

Note: Topic related self-assessments, review exercise,s and think tank questions are included. Side boxes and Society, science, and technology are not included.


  • It is obvious that questions of topics not mentioned above are not included in exam.
  • Paper will be curriculum based not book based.
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