Biology 10 Chapter 15 MCQs Test 4

In Biology 10 Chapter 15 MCQs Test 4, there are 15 MCQs. A total of 5 MCQs Tests are available from Chapter 15 of FBISE Class 10 Biology Book. We have prepared 75 multiple-choice questions, which are divided into five MCQs Tests.

MCQs Test No 4


Class 10 Biology
Chapter 15
Practice MCQs Test No 4

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Which is favourable variation in moths after industrial revolution?

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Intentional breeding between individuals for certain traits, or combination of traits is called as:

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Which is favourable variation in moths before Industrial revolution?

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Among following, which Is the source of variations?

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Which variations show distinct phenotypes and phenotypes of such variations cannot be measured?

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Charles Darwin published a book "On the Origin of Species by means of Natural selection" In;

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It is the process by which the better genetic variations become more common In successive generations of population;

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Who proposed the mechanism of organic evolution In 1838?

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How many types of differences shown by individuals of same species?

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All living things had been created in their current form only a few thousand years ago. This Idea Is known as;

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Example of discontinuous variation is;

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It is change in characteristics of a population or species of organisms over the course of generations;

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In which type of variation, the phenotypes show a complete range of measurements from one extreme to the other Is;

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In which part of cell, transcription takes place?

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Variations selected for their transmission to next generation are;

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